Welcome to my new blog

Hi again and welcome back to my blog!

With the sad news that the My Opera social network is shutting down (perhaps has by the time you read this) I realised I needed a new home for "my thoughts". My initial plan had been to switch over to Vivaldi.net. However after spending a little more time thinking about this I decided it would be better to switch over to a service that is dedicated purely to blogging. So after a little searching I decided to move to Ghost.

I went with Ghost because it has a clean, simple, Markdown powered interface, which is a pleasure to use. My next choice was between self hosting (I already rent a VPS from Linode so I could have used that) or using their own paid for hosting service but at just $5 a month I figured I'd save myself the trouble of install, config and ongoing updates. In Norway you couldn't even buy a beer for $5 (at least not in a bar).

So what about my old posts? Rather than bring them over I decided to simply sumbit them all to The Internet Archive and make a donation. If you want to view them or reference them, you'll find a copy of my old blog here. Feel free to post follow up comments to any of them below (just mention the title of the post you are referring to).

Finally, to all those who found me here. Thanks for sticking with me! :D

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