Linux and Blink Powered Opera

Thus far I have avoided saying too much about the new Opera and Linux because we have said, "We plan to release a Linux version!" many times already.

What I believe people really want is an exact date (or better yet a build!) but since I can provide neither it feels like there is not much more to say. For profit companies are rarely super transparent about the minute details of their future plans, something that is hard to understand when you come from an "Open Source" perspective.

Sure, I could just repeat the statement about planning to release a Linux version every day but it would not make it happen any faster, nor would those who doubt us be any more inclinded to believe.

Why can't I provide an exact date? Because I have been doing this job long enough to know that unexpected delays can arise and it is very easy to look very foolish. In fact I'm glad I avoided that mistake, since my initial guess at the start of this whole project would have been way off. Even now there are a few variables at play that could greatly affect when we release something.

So the reason for my silence was that without a hard date or public test version words are just that, words. However, lately it has occured to me that there is another way to look at this and perhaps it might help restore some level of faith, and that is to explain why we will have a Linux version.

We will have a Linux version for the same reason we maintained a Presto based Linux version for all these years, because Opera (the company) loves Linux. We have many Linux users working at Opera and not just a very large percentage of our technical staff, even our upper management are fans. The head of our consumer browsing division, who reports directly to the CEO has been a Linux user since 1995 and last time I checked our CTO, Håkon Wium Lie ("the Father of CSS") is also a Linux user. The Linux version will come because we want it ourselves.

And yes, I am really sorry it is taking so long!

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