Extensions Highlight: Selectable Hyperlink Text

Wait!? Didn't I already do this one already?

I have been using Hyperlink Text Selector for months now and have generally been very happy with it but after my post earlier today I was somewhat disappointed to discover how badly it perfomed on my own blog's homepage and in the comments section.

However, I vagely recalled that there was at least one other extension that allowed you to select text in a link, so I decided to go and hunt it down again to remind myself how it compared. While I couldn't find the extension I was looking for, I discovered a new one called Selectable Hyperlink Text, which was released earlier this year.

I almost skipped over it at first since its description is in Japanese and it only has one Chrome user (presumably the developer). But I decided to give it a quick try nonetheless. I have only played with it for about 20 minutes but so far I am very impressed. No modifier is needed, it seems to work on all links, exactly as Opera did previously. Drag up or down and you drag the link. Side to side and you select

Give it a go and let me know what is wrong with it below!

Selectable Hyperlink Text is not currently available from the Opera Add-ons site. To install it, use Extension Source Viewer, Download Chrome Extension or use this direct install link. In all cases, you will need to open the "Opera Extensions Manager" (opera://extensions) to complete the installation, since you are installing from a non supported source.

EDIT: It would seem that this extension has been removed, though it is not clear why. However, as I mentioned in the comments section below, there is also a User JavaScript that works the same way, called LinkDragSelectionForChrome (hosted on GitHub).

Since I have no idea if and when the extension will return, you can use this User JavaScript instead. To do so, you will need to install a User JavaScript Manager. We have two on the Opera add-ons site as a write this, Violent monkey and Tampermonkey Beta. For the purposes of installing LinkDragSelectionForChrome it doesn't really matter which one you choose. Though if you are thinking of installing more User JavaScripts in the future you might want to read about and try both before you commit to one or the other.

Once you have a User JavaScript Manager installed, return to LinkDragSelectionForChrome and click on <> (View Raw). You should now have the option to install the User JavaScript.

LinkDragSelectionForChrome appears to have a MIT license, so if anyone wants to wrap it up in an extension and submit it to the Opera add-ons site please go right ahead.

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