Opera packages for Fedora with updates

There are a number of Fedora community projects specializing in making Fedora run more smoothly in various world regions. These projects provide additional software packages and installation media.

Opera has long had a strong presence in Russia and the Fedora Russian Community have kindly added recent versions of Opera to their non-free repository. This means that users of this repository can install Opera and receive automatic updates via yum, which is fantastic news!

(Don't use Fedora, read this instead)

Not from Russia?

Non-Russian Fedora users could also add these repositories, giving you access to even more software!

Setting up the repository

To use this repository, you just need to install two repository configuration packages, russianfedora-nonfree and russianfedora-free. Once you have downloaded the packages, install them as follows:

sudo yum install russianfedora-free-release-21-1.R.noarch.rpm russianfedora-nonfree-release-21-1.R.noarch.rpm

Installing Opera

Once the repositories are setup, Opera can be installed as follows:

sudo yum install opera-stable

After which you will receive updates in the normal manor.

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