What happened to the blog?

Hello stranger! I haven't posted here in a while, so before I launch into a new set of posts I thought I should explain the hiatus and what else I have been up to.

Simply put, my 2 year old daughter started to occupy more of my time. By the time she goes to sleep (7pm) I rarely have the energy to write here and instead tend to sit back and catch up on TV series.

However, I haven't been totally silent. For anyone who was primarily looking here for news and updates from me, here are some other places I like to post my thoughts.

The other blog

In truth I didn't completely given up writting "blog posts". I have started to contribute far more frequently to the Opera Desktop Team's blog. In fact (for now) I am the one co-ordinating our developer releases and hence tend to write many of the developer blog posts myself.

My other, other blog

At least one of my colleagues has also joked that I had moved my blog to my GitHub Gist page, not least because of posts such as:

In hindsight, yes I should have posted those here and instead used GitHub purely for the various scripts I have written. In recent times these include:

  • install-opera Extracts an Opera Debian package and installs it into /usr/local, for use on non-Debian based distros. It also supports automatic updates.
  • standalone-opera Unpacks an Opera Debian package into a similarly named directory and creates a startup script that will cause Opera to save its profile within this directory. Handy for testing multiple Opera versions side-by-side.
  • latest-pepper-flash Fetches Chrome and extracts out PPAPI Flash so that it can be used by other Chromium-based browsers

The Opera forums

In addition to my "blogs posts" I have also started to become more involved in the Linux section of the Opera forums. I would encourage readers of this blog to swing by as well.

My twitter account

If you didn't know, I have a twitter account account.

So what will I do here?

I'm going to start posting again (time permitting). In fact, I'll post another one right after this to celebrate the welcome news that Opera 26 is now in the Fedora Russian Community non-free repository. This is great news as means that even more users can benefit from automatic updates!

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