Workaround: Opera developer 28 find in page crash

Today, I announced the first Opera 28 developer build. Unfortunately it has a fairly annoying Known issue:

  • Opera crashes on activating find in page on Windows and Linux

If you are like me, you may find you enter the shortcut to trigger this without thinking, thus crashing your browser. The good news is Opera's customisablity allows you to work around the problem. As I explained in my previous blog post, Opera's keyboard shortcuts can be edited. So disable the shortcut and use an extension for this functionality instead.

I'll admit the work around is a little tricky but if you are running our developer stream you are probably a power user, so I'm guessing you are up to the task.

Disable the Ctrl+f shortcut

  • Firstly locate your Preferences file (see opera://about to find the profile directory, the Preferences file is found in there).
  • Before you start, shutdown Opera, then open the Preferences file in your favourite editor (making sure you backed it up first!)
  • On a new line immediately after the first line (which contains only a single open curly brace {) add the following:
   "Keybindings": {
      "Advanced": {
         "FindInline": [  ]
      "Basic": {
         "Find": [  ],
         "FindNext": [  ],
         "FindPrevious": [  ]
  • Save the file and then restart Opera.

All the find in page shortcuts will now be unmapped, so that you won't trigger them by accident. To find out more about customising Opera shortcuts, read my previous blog post.

Note: The Preferences file is written with JSON formatting. If may help to use an editor that support JSON syntax highlighting because if you make invalid entries in the Preference file, it will be discarded.

Install the Type-ahead-find extension

If need this feature, you can replace the bult in functionality via the Type-ahead-find extension. This extenstion is not available directly from the Opera add-ons site. However, you can use Download Chrome Extension to install it.

Once installed, you can simply press / to trigger searching on the page.

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